How Mobilize Ministries™ Serves You

Your personal ministry, your daily life matters to Jesus.  That’s why this ministry exists: to mobilize personal ministries in expanding the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom through your everyday spheres of influence. Mobilize Ministries’™ headquarters is in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex and the ministry is expanding across the U.S.  Here are 6 ways Mobilize Ministries™ serves you :

1.  Experience one-on-one personal ministry coaching.  Here’s a FREE personal ministry guide you can start executing in your daily personal ministry today!

2.  Be mobilized to launch a Personal Ministry Community™ among your friends transforming friendships into a mission team to live out your personal ministry encouraging one another to expand the Good News of Jesus.

3,  Mobilize Ministries™ serves church small groups – Ask your church small group to host Mobilize Ministries™ to do personal ministry equipping in your small group.

4.  Mobilize Ministries™ serves churches – Ask your church to host a Personal Equipping Event.

5.  Church Small Group Ministry Consulting – Mobilize Ministries™ serves churches by transforming a small group ministry into one that ignites personal ministries which fosters church growth.

6.  Encouraging articles to equip you in your personal ministry.

7. We support short-term mission trips. Our goal is to mobilize missional living, and we love being able to fill that need by supporting individuals’ short-term mission trips! We also love being able to help Christ followers figure out how to translate what they’ve learned and experienced on their mission trips back into their everyday life. Click HERE to read what the journey looks like to take advantage of the opportunity for Mobilize Ministries™ to support your mission trip.

Contact Todd  for more information about any of these ways we serve you.

What is the seventh way to be involved in this expanding ministry?

You can be involved as a monthly financial partner.

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