The Impact of Mobilize Ministries

What has God done through the Mobilize Ministries strategy?

As we see in Luke 8:1, Jesus impacted the world through intentionally “being with” the disciples. Today we say “meeting with” someone.  Impacting and mobilizing individuals in their personal ministries happens through meets. So each meet is an impact to mobilize one in his or her personal ministry!  The result of the Mobilize Ministries strategy of meeting and mobilizing is multiplying!
Here are the impacts the ministry has had since the launch, November 2014. In 3 years:
Pioneered & Mobilized 6 Intentional Discipleship Communities:  These Communities serves as a launching pad mobilizing Christians in their personal ministries.
  • In result, 60 young professionals have been mobilized to invest in the lives of others.
  • They meet an average of 30 times a year all around the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex.
  • 5400 impacts in 3 years!
Communications Ministry:
  • Inspiring discipleship e-mails encouraging and mobilizing personal ministries.
  • 48 emails a year sent to 570 people each time.
  • 83, 376 impacts encouraging and equipping personal ministries straight into their inbox.
 Hospitality Ministry:
  • Our home is this ministry’s hub centrally located in the metroplex just to host and mobilize Christians in their personal ministries
  • Christians have been mobilized in our home 692 times in 3 years.
Growing ministry among moms of high-needs children:
  • 105 moms encouraged daily in the Facebook group!
  • Daily mobilizing conversations!
  • Weekly Mobilizing meet ups among 25  moms and children.
  • 1300 impacts so far!!!

30, 256 impacts for the Gospel a year.

2521 a month.

An average of 84 impacts a day

mobilizing individuals in their personal ministries!!!

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