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When I was working as a College Evangelist in Baton Rouge, I traveled to Texas for a speaking engagement.

On the flight back to Baton Rouge I met a brother and a sister who were both students a LSU. They were flying back from the funeral of their two cousins who both died in the same car wreck. I could tell that this brother and sister were both very sad, mourning and needed much comfort.

These are the times that I really thank God for His Spirit leading my thoughts and words. I listened and listened and then listened some more. They needed to share openly about their loss and grief. I could tell they were not Christians. I shared with them about the presence, peace and comfort of God. I shared the narrative with them about Jesus who wept when his friend Lazarus died. Even though, Jesus was the Son of God and knew where Lazarus went after his death, Jesus still wept.

God knows and understands and has felt our human pain. God who comforts us also sympathizes with us because He walked on earth and humbled himself to live as a human. God gave the brother and sister comfort before my very eyes. Then they let me pray with them.

My students at LSU had a weekly prayer meeting. I believe prayer is very powerful and effective in pastoral care. We fervently prayed for this brother and sister even though we probably would not see them again. I did not have their phone numbers. I did know what fraternity house he lived in so I went to this house.

On the way there, I heard a voice yelling, “Todd!” from the outside of my car. I turned my head and it was the brother going the opposite direction. I got his phone number from his fraternity house. The brother and I started playing phone tag on each other’s answering machines. So one of my messages I left him a time and a place for him to come to a small group Bible study that I was leading. Meanwhile, my students and me were praying for him. He showed up one night to the Bible study and showed up weekly after that.

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