4 Keystone Actions in Following Jesus

DFW Nav20s Summer Disciple-making Training Syllabus

Do you know what is the BEST invitation of all time?  Jesus was the first to offer it: “Come, follow

John Marc, my friend who fishes for people very well will be one of the many equipper in this summer's DFW NAV20s Disciple-maker Training

John Marc, my friend who fishes for people very well will be one of the equippers in this summer’s DFW Nav20s Disciple-making Training

me…and I will send you out to fish for people.”  This is such a mobilizing invitation.  It’s not an invitation to consume that the culture around us continually offers.  But this is the invitation to invest, to invest in people.

Here are four keystone actions in following Jesus that coincide with the four pursuits of the Nav20s (Knowing CHRIST intimately; excelling for Him in our WORK; living on MISSION; living life in Christ-centered COMMUNITY).  These keystone actions in following Jesus are also the titles of the sessions and curriculum for the second annual DFW Nav20s Summer Disciple-making Training:

1. CHRIST: Getting to Know God Through a Daily Quiet Time 
Jesus, above all is our first pursuit.  Can you believe we get to have time with him daily if we decide to put Him as the priority?  All of the following pursuits overflow out of our intimacy with Jesus.  Like any relationship, intimacy is created by having time with someone.  Ignite your quiet time with Jesus!
2. WORK: Where Work and Calling Meet
A forty hour work week is not common today. An average American spends 50-60 hours a week on the job.  God wants to redeem that time. We do too.  A follower of Jesus sees the work place as a way to honor Christ through excelling in work for Jesus and a way to be missional starting Gospel conversations among coworkers.
3. MISSION: Reading the Bible with Friends who Don’t Believe it 
A nine word life-changing question for a disciple of Christ to give and for a lost friend to receive is: Do you want to study the Bible with me?  You’ll be surprised who responds “YES”!  This Keystone action could ignite a lost friend to come to know Jesus and then be discipled!  Then this found friend in Christ is on his/her way to make disciples because you asked a simple question!
4.  COMMUNITY: Telling His Story by Telling Yours
A lot of you have heard me say before:
What a way to build Christ-centered community: sharing our testimonies, the Gospel in living color among one another.  I see this as the heart of Hebrews 10:24-25 “And let us consider how to spur one another along in good deeds. Let us not neglect meeting together, as some have made a habit, but let us encourage one another, and all the more as you see the Day approaching.…”  Let’s develop this wonderful keystone habit of following Jesus!
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